What inspires you- (4)

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Hi, I’m Denise.

In 2012, I was at a point in my life where I wondered, “Is this just how life is supposed to be?

I knew that I wanted more, that I deserved more, that I was MEANT to do more, but I had yet to find the one thing that I knew that I was put on this earth to do.

All I knew was that I wanted to help and serve others.

So that’s where my journey began. Or more so, my journey picked back up from my past.

There was a time when I was having health issues, but the doctors could not pinpoint the problem, let alone tell me how to fix it. In desperation to find a solution, I met a homeopathic doctor who introduced me to a holistic approach to my health – and to essential oils.

To me, these oils felt like I came home. Like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. And little did I know, that 20 years later I would come full circle, and find my inspiration and passion for life in a little brown bottle of oil.

In 2012, I found Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, and since then there’s been no turning back.

Life is good. Life is inspired. Life is exactly where it should be.

Can you say the same for your life?

If you’re feeling stuck or like you’ve yet to find your calling, my question to you is, “What Inspires You??

I beg you – please don’t just accept life as is! Instead, find what brings you joy and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

Who knows, maybe that same little brown bottle of essential oil can help you find YOUR inspiration too.

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What more can life offer you?

There’s more to life – I’m living proof!

Inspiration comes in a little brown bottle.

Here are a few ways in which essential oils inspire me to live a fuller life:


oils for…recharging!

Family, friends, laughter and catching up always take place around a good bonfire!  This is where I come to  recharge and get my inspirations ~ and you know we are passing around an essential oil to keep those little flying critters away!

oils for…coffee dates!

There’s nothing better than grabbing a cup of coffee and catching up with a friend. Want to make this the best cup ever? Add a drop of peppermint, or cassia essential oil to it and the flavor is to die for (without any added calories!)

oils for…enjoying life!

Let’s have fun, kick our heels up and enjoy life! Remember, this is not a trial run, and we are all unique and have so much to share, so come on over as I’m sharing my passion and what I have learned about essential oils.


I am a newer user to the essential oil world and cannot say enough for the support I have received from Denise and how the essential oils have changed my family’s life.  The one night I had a fever and all over body aches.  I remembered Denise telling me how to use the oils – so I put a couple drops of On Guard, doTERRA’s Protective Blend under my tongue and rubbed on my feet.  Woke up the next morning good to go as if nothing was every wrong ~  Kristi


Denise has always had helpful suggestions to improve my well being and health.  She has always given me her best advice and wisdom on oils to use to improve my everyday life.  I am just beginning to understand some of the ways these natural oils can be used to improve mobility and decrease discomfort in my muscles and joints.


Sylvia Boal